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Air purifiers combat seasonal allergens.
What about when you are walking on the street though, or have to spend a lot of time in poor air environments like offices, airplanes, public transport, or any enclosed space with many people?

Dark Noir

SKU: OA00003
  • Onion Air Personal Purifier

    Is Light equipment, easy to carry around.aborting smoke, dust and formaldehyde in the aireliminating PM2.5, reducing respiratory diseases and allergy symptomspurifying the air and breaking down the virus and batteries.

    International safety testing and certification (MSDS, ROHS, CE, FCC, UN38.3, SGS…etc.)


    Voltage: DC3.7V

    Current : <10mA Power : <0.1W

    Negative ion : 25 Million pcs/cm3

    Working Time : <20 hrs Weight : 24g Size : 51X 35 X 21 mm


    Air Purifier x 1 Micro-USB x 1 Manual x 1 Clip x 1

    made in Hong Kong

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